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Plant your zinnia seeds directly in the garden, as they do not like to be transplanted. Choose a location with at least 6 hours of sun. Zinnias are annuals, so they are great to grow from now until your fall garden, as they will die when the first cold snaps occur.
Prepare your bed, then scatter your zinnia seeds and press them into the soil, barely covering the seeds. Zinnias grow quickly, and you may see sprouts in 4-7 days. Space your plants 12” apart, thinning to 18” once they are about 3-4” tall.
Zinnias can be prone to fungal issues, so use drip irrigation or water at the base of the plants to avoid wet foliage. Zinnias are also deer-resistant, so they can be planted in the front yard and can help protect nearby plants and flowers.
Zinnias are beautiful cut flowers, but to keep them flowering outdoors, they should be deadheaded (picking spent flower heads to prevent seeds). Save some flower heads at the end of the growing season to provide seeds for next year as the seeds may not over-winter well where they fall.