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Oregano is a fast growing perennial, and makes a great ground cover or companion plant.
Start your seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost date, or start directly outside once it is warmer. Oregano requires light to germinate, so spread the seed on top of the soil and gently press in without covering. To prevent birds and wind from taking seeds outside, barely cover and use a mist spray to water in your seeds. Seeds in light will usually germinate in 7-12 days. If covered, seeds may take longer. Thin oregano once it is about 6” tall or transplant into a sunny spot. Oregano will taste better with more sun and poor, sandy soil and good drainage. Rich, fertile soil will cause taste and growing issues.
Once established, oregano requires very little attention and is considered drought tolerant (water is needed during the hottest parts of the summer). Utilize no more than one third of the plant at a time, and pinch flower buds before they bloom to maintain flavor.
Oregano leaves are best used fresh, but can also be stored frozen or dried.
In winter, cut back and add mulch to preserve oregano roots for growing the following year. In the south, oregano can be grown year round outdoors. Further north, keep one in a container to be brought in for over winter and to plant next year if the roots don’t survive/if there are particularly harsh ground freezes.