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Ageratum (Mistflower)

Start seeds in place, if possible. Pick a sunny
area (the more sun, the more flowers) with good drainage. If any cold temperatures remain, start your seeds indoors. For outdoor planting, scatter
the seeds over your flowerbed, the tamp the seeds gently into the soil. Ageratum needs light to germinate, so avoid covering or very lightly cover with soil. Water well. Once the seedlings emerge, thin as needed, but as they grow, the plants will blend together to form a large bush. Flowers occur in summer
and fall, and ageratum easily reseeds, though it can also survive more mild winters. If the plant survives the winter, cut back dead foliage after
all frosts have passed to promote new growth. Deadhead (remove) any spent flowers to encourage more blooms, until early fall. Then allow the seeds to develop and reseed the bed.
White and red varieties may not last as long into the fall as blue varieties.
Ageratum needs consistent watering until it is established. Water 1-2”/week as needed to maintain healthy green foliage - warm water is recommended for better root development.
Mist flower attracts butterflies and bees. The standard varieties grow to a maximum of two feet, while the dwarf varieties can be as short as 6-12”.